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Perfectly-Designed Ornamental Gardens on Martha’s Vineyard

Crossland Landscape provides beautiful ornamental gardens to Martha’s Vineyard property owners. We professionally design, install, and maintain them, giving homeowners a serene place to spend their time. Investing in a fine garden can accentuate any kind of home, boosting curb appeal and property value. Our gardeners have an eye for detail and have years of education and experience in landscaping, making us more than a fly-by-night company. We maintain memberships with the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association, and our ownership group has degrees in relevant areas. Place your trust in our team today.

flower bed and house

What Is Ornamental Gardening?

Ornamental gardens feature plants and flowers meant for aesthetic appeal and appearance rather than practical purposes. They can include flowering plants and bulbs, as well as foliage plants, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees. We know how to find the right combination and pick the right plants for your unique property. Our team possesses an eye for detail and an artistic flair, resulting in gorgeous and vibrant gardens. Once we install your garden, we will provide ongoing maintenance to keep everything healthy and growing. We have experience working with residential and commercial clients and always consider your goals when designing our gardens.

The Benefits of Investing in Ornamental Gardening

Over the years, we helped countless Martha’s Vineyard property owners beautify their homes and businesses. We use our in-depth knowledge of landscaping and horticulture expertise to capitalize on the island’s unique beauty. There are numerous benefits to ornamental gardening, including:


Ornamental gardens are, first and foremost, aesthetic installations. We will combine various colors, shapes, and plant types to achieve a unique look.

Climate Regulation

While ornamental gardening is mostly looks-based, it does have practical benefits, including air purification and climate improvement.

Stress Relief

Set up lawn chairs and a table next to your new garden and enjoy a morning coffee or post-dinner nightcap. Ornamental gardens deliver peace.

Less Soil Erosion

Ornamental gardens include a mixture of plant types, which creates a sturdier landscape and prevents erosion.

Quality of Space

Fine gardens are a natural wind barrier on your property, providing a natural habitat for numerous organisms.

We Work With You to Determine the Best Road Forward

At Crossland Landscape, we believe in delivering exceptional quality backed by comprehensive expertise and customer service. Our fine garden services allow you to put your stamp on your property. We work with you to determine your tastes and sensibilities and consider the unique nature of your property when planning your project. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you will notice an immediate difference when we finish.

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