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Ecological Landscapes

Crossland Ecological Landscapes, affiliated with Crossland Landscape, designs, installs, and maintains ecologically sensitive landscapes that conserve and protect water and other resources.

Have Erosion problems? Crossland Ecological Landscapes designs habitats that eliminate runoff, passively irrigate parched land, stabilize your landscape, build soil and ecological biodiversity, naturally regenerating your land year after year.

Crossland Ecological Landscapes offers:

  • Ecological landscape design
  • Sustainable landscape construction
  • Organic lawn and land care
  • Rain Gardens and Ecological Earthworks
  • Green infrastructure

About Kyle Crossland

Crossland Ecological Landscapes is managed by Kyle Crossland, who graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in environmental design. Kyle also studied at the Ecosa Institute in Prescott, AZ, receiving certification in regenerative ecological design. He is an MNLA-certified horticulturist and NOFA-accredited organic land professional. Kyle serves as a project manager at Crossland Landscape. Kyle is passionate about Ecological Design, Rain Water Harvesting, and Permaculture.

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